design system

Unites Singapore Government Digital Services around a common UI language and user experience
Standards and Guides
We help agencies comply to usability standards and accessibility guidelines easily
UI Components
Standardized components allow agencies have more time developing a better user experience
Layout Templates
We provide various templates to help agencies jump start their product development

Working with Design System

Development Guides

Development Guides

Guides for developers on getting started with our UI Framework
Design Guides

Design Guides

Guides for designers to get started with our Sketch and GUI Templates
Writing Guides

Writing Guides

Guides to help you decide which tools to use for publishing your content

Values of a Design System

Provides Better Scalability
Adaptable to suit the changing needs of our users with the UI Components.
Lower Overall Costs
A design system keeps your design and code overhead low.
Improves User Experience
Allows you to focus on developing a better user experience.
Faster Prototyping
Working within an existing design system allows you to prototype faster.
Easy Maintenance
Provides an easy-to-maintain architecture with no redundancy.
Built-in Accessibility
Our UI Components are in compliance with Digital Services Standards.

Be Part of the Change

Design System aims to transform all agency's digital services and we need help from all developers, designers and content writers. We will maintain regular updates and open so it will be a living, continually evolving set of tools.